Tynon Guide, Tips and Tricks


Tynon is a hybrid game of multiple elements. It pits players in adventures through various instances, towers, and labyrinth filled with increasingly powerful monsters. Beside the PVE combat, players can also challenge others in the arena or in the wild and then loot from the defeated.

How to Increase Your Power

  • With the combat being automatic and turn-based, the key to be victorious remains in the pre-battle preparation, which pretty much focuses on improving players’ status. And that can be done in multiple ways:
  • Gear evolvement and enhancement. Weapons and outfits are divided into different colors by rarity. Purple gear and orange gear are much more superior to blue ones. Accordingly, carrying superior gear makes great difference to player’s power. Besides, every time players upgrade a weapon, a cloak, or anything that is equipped on one of the characters included in the battle formation, their power will be increase by tens or even hundreds.
  • Talent improvement. Talents don’t always influence power directly as gear does. Some talents enable players to include more members in their formation or increase their successful hit rates and therefore won’t necessarily change the power statistically but do improve players’ chance to win.
  • Rune installment. As players level up, the protagonist and the team members level up too, unlocking more rune slots. Players can pray for runes and then install the runes onto characters. The more runes are fed to the equipped runes, the more powerful those runes will become and therefore the more powerful the characters will be.
  • Star upgrades. Characters are also divided into different star ratings by rarity and power. Players can spend gems to improve characters’ stars and boost their status.

How to Level Up Quickly

Once players reach level 19, upgrades become increasingly difficult since quests start to require specific levels and either cannot be completed within a short period or is unavailable for the current levels. No side quests or branch quests are available. And players have to figure out a way to fill in these gaps and have access to the new quests as soon as possible.

To that end, players had better follow the requests of the Assistant, which is used to measure how active a player is each day. By fulfilling the different requirements, players not only gain extra rewards, but also have a greater chance of obtain the experience required for levelup.

Make Good Use of the Automatic Functions

Tynon obviously offers more automatic functions than most MMORPGs. Players not only can have their avatar navigate automatically, they can also enter the instances, find bosses and minions and enter combat automatically. Automatic fights, navigating and grinding are at its best in world boss fights and in item collecting and players are advised to make a good use of them.

In world boss fights, or Baal fights, it would be tiring if you do everything manually since you have to repeat walking to the boss all the time until the boss is killed. The avatar can automatically approach the boss from the respawn place and attack the boss automatically and then approach and attack until you stop the automatic function or exit the fight. In such cases, if you walk the avatar a few steps ahead every time it is killed, you would save that walking time after resurrection and start attacking earlier, and in that way attack more times throughout the boss fights, which certainly reward with more coins, credits and reputations.

Evolving gear requires a large number of special items, such as olive branches and wine stones. Those items are dropped by bosses or minions in instances. But you don’t have to remember the mapping and bother to find the exact targets every time you need a material. You can simply click the item in you evolvement page and your avatar will start automatic grinding. You cannot afford to ignore that function.

9 thoughts on “Tynon Guide, Tips and Tricks

  1. mike schelter

    please help me. there is no manual. i can’t find the labrynith. or get some one for the pirates. or craft things.
    pls anything to make it more easy for me. signed newbie first time gamer. thanks!!!

  2. mike schelter

    Thx. figured that one out last night. Pls need help hoe to craft things. aslo how to pray for runes. and easy ways to get gems. and a good strategy for a winning formations. again thx. pls feel free to e-mail me directly. the game is addicting…

  3. mike schelter

    i mean pray for rune fragments and how use/activte on my characters? thx, awesome world, tynon is!!

  4. mike schelter

    thx. can you help with crafting items? the little up arrow, there’s six spots and 4 are filled. grinding kills stamina. am i on the right track. and all the stuff in the bank, does that need t be on your person to use. also, are the correct items automatically selected for your items?

  5. mike schelter

    okay a couple more. i can’t access the guild warfare that happens at 08:00 PM everyday??
    also a “heavens palace” icon appeared on my screen. looks similar to when we attack baal and cerberus.
    soon as i entered i was attacked. pls and thx again for all the help so far!!

  6. phoeniix

    when i was playing tynon i payed for a blue stare and it went to my inventory and now that its there i cant give it to my player to get him to his 3 star and now i cant give it to him to upgrade my player please help i don’t no what to do thanks

  7. Mike Bowyer

    Help I have a blademaster on might of helios 9server6) (Cyclopsia), I worked really hard to beat the horseman and didn’t receive the beginners reward for beating him even though i beat him on day 4 and 5.


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