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Guild Guide

Guild Guide

To apply to a Guild one must click the Guild button select a Guild and apply or if invited and want to accept the invitation simply click on the Guild and accept. To start a Guild you need 500k. To enter the Guild Host, Vice Host and so forth must accept your application.

Upgrading the Guild

For the first Guild Level upgrade it costs 5000 guild funds.

For the Second Guild Level upgrade it costs 18000 guild funds.

Guild Funds

Guild Funds is the total amount of conrtibution from everyone in the guild. You can see the amount of contribution each player has next to their name in the Guild Tab.

It is possible for guild members to get a full 100 guild contribution every day without completing every task in the Assistant Tab and without being VIP.

When a guild member reaches 100 guild contribution they can turn it in for guild rewards containing experience, money, and a treasure map piece. Alternatively, guild members can choose not to claim their contribution and instead save it to spend on a permanent buff in the Technologies tab. Each technology costs 1000 guild contribution.
Kicking a Person

The person must already be in the guild. Find the name of the member in your guild list that you wish to kick, next to their name will be a minus [ - ] sign. Clicking on it will bring up a confirmation menu asking if you are sure you want to kick the member. A member can be kicked on or offline. Only the Host or Vice Host can kick players from the guild.

Changing the Guild message 

  • The guild message is comprised of two different parts.
  • The message people see when they are browsing the list of available guilds to join.
  • The message your guild members can see on the guild menu once they have joined the guild.
  • To edit either one open the guild menu and click on “Edit” next to the Guild Notice section. Once you do this a box will pop up that will allow you to change the message that can be displayed to both the public and the guild.

Warning: Even though the guild message gives you a set amount of characters to use your guild will not be able to see the whole message if you use all the characters.

Types of Guilds

  • Adventuring players gather together in a guild for several reasons.
  • Social. The members just socialize with each other and do quests/events together.
  • Specific purpose: Examples include Guild Warfare, Hall of Destruction, Caribbean Pirates.
  • Roleplaying: The main objective is less about questing and PvP and focuses more on the roleplay aspect of the game. Members develop the history of their individual character, and roleplay as such similar to how a tight-knit table-top RPG group would.

How to Hide Other Players in Aerie City

Some new players are confused on how to find their character in Aerie City. Is there an option to hide other players and show a clean environment? because it is too crowded.

Tynon Hide Players

The answer is yes. If in Aerie City, you can find an Eye icon at the top screen, just click it, you will hide other players and just show your character.

How to Promote your Title? and How to Get Reputation?

We have been asked many times how to promote Character’s Title. We just open this post to answer this question, hoping that will help your title promoted as soon as possible.

To Promote your Character Title, Follow our walkthrough.


Click the Title Icon


Make sure your Reputation meet the requirement to promote. In my case, I have already promoted Private to Corporal. So my next promotion can be done as long as I have accumulated 1,000 Reputation.

Once you have enough Reputation to promote, just Claim Upgrade Button. In this picture, you can only see a grey Button. But when you meet the minimum reputation requirement, you will see a Green Upgrade Button.

A new question emerges if you do not know how to get Reputation.

How to Get Reputation?

There are several ways to acquire reputation, but the easiest way is to Join the Arena to challenge other players.

Second, you can go to the wild attack other players, but you must win. Make sure you are powerful enough to do this.

Third, you can participate in various in-game events. Just click daily events or special event icons to learn when and how you can take part in the event.

Note: if you are able to do something that other players can do, especially when you are seeing people are talking something you never encountered, just level up your characters by completing quests, or Auto-level your characters using stamina. Only in this way can you unlock more functions.

List of Daily Events

Open Time
Extra StaminaFree 30 Stamina Bonuses at 6:00 am and 6:00 pmAlways
Banish CerberusJoin the battle to win Reputation, Coins, Credits, Diamonds and Epic Receipts!10:00 AM
Banish BaalJoin the battle to win Reputation, Coins, Credits, Diamonds and Epic Receipts!3:00 PM
Caribbean PiratesTake to the seas and earn Tons of XP, Coins and CreditsAlways
Noble LadayJoin her encourage to earn lots of Credits 9 - 10 PM
Guilds WarfareJoin the battle to win Repuation and Unique Buff.8 - 8:30 PM

How to Merge Gem Chips

To merge gem chips, you must have 5 of the same type Chips at the same level. For example, When you have five level 1 Obsidians, you can Merge them into a level 2 Obsidian by clicking Blacksmith Manu at the bottom of the screen, and then clicking Merge Tab.

You cannot merge Obsidian, Ruby, Sapphire or Topaz into a higher one even when you have 5 Gem Chips of the same level. Just remember: Merge 5 same type Gem Chips of the same level.

How to develop your Character?

How do you develop your character? Below is what I’ve done.

  • Keep doing quests
  • Focus on upgrading Talent to increase abilities and power.
  • Upgrade Weapons in Blacksmith
  • Merge 5 lower chips into a higher one.
  • Embed or socket your weapons
  • Promote your Tittle
  • Recruit Heroes of Legend (Purple or Gold) in Heaven Tavern.
  • Strengthen your hero with Stars
  • Join a Guild
  • Install the runes into your character.
  • Challenge Heroic Realm

Tynon Guide, Tips and Tricks


Tynon is a hybrid game of multiple elements. It pits players in adventures through various instances, towers, and labyrinth filled with increasingly powerful monsters. Beside the PVE combat, players can also challenge others in the arena or in the wild and then loot from the defeated.

How to Increase Your Power

  • With the combat being automatic and turn-based, the key to be victorious remains in the pre-battle preparation, which pretty much focuses on improving players’ status. And that can be done in multiple ways:
  • Gear evolvement and enhancement. Weapons and outfits are divided into different colors by rarity. Purple gear and orange gear are much more superior to blue ones. Accordingly, carrying superior gear makes great difference to player’s power. Besides, every time players upgrade a weapon, a cloak, or anything that is equipped on one of the characters included in the battle formation, their power will be increase by tens or even hundreds.
  • Talent improvement. Talents don’t always influence power directly as gear does. Some talents enable players to include more members in their formation or increase their successful hit rates and therefore won’t necessarily change the power statistically but do improve players’ chance to win.
  • Rune installment. As players level up, the protagonist and the team members level up too, unlocking more rune slots. Players can pray for runes and then install the runes onto characters. The more runes are fed to the equipped runes, the more powerful those runes will become and therefore the more powerful the characters will be.
  • Star upgrades. Characters are also divided into different star ratings by rarity and power. Players can spend gems to improve characters’ stars and boost their status.

How to Level Up Quickly

Once players reach level 19, upgrades become increasingly difficult since quests start to require specific levels and either cannot be completed within a short period or is unavailable for the current levels. No side quests or branch quests are available. And players have to figure out a way to fill in these gaps and have access to the new quests as soon as possible.

To that end, players had better follow the requests of the Assistant, which is used to measure how active a player is each day. By fulfilling the different requirements, players not only gain extra rewards, but also have a greater chance of obtain the experience required for levelup.

Make Good Use of the Automatic Functions

Tynon obviously offers more automatic functions than most MMORPGs. Players not only can have their avatar navigate automatically, they can also enter the instances, find bosses and minions and enter combat automatically. Automatic fights, navigating and grinding are at its best in world boss fights and in item collecting and players are advised to make a good use of them.

In world boss fights, or Baal fights, it would be tiring if you do everything manually since you have to repeat walking to the boss all the time until the boss is killed. The avatar can automatically approach the boss from the respawn place and attack the boss automatically and then approach and attack until you stop the automatic function or exit the fight. In such cases, if you walk the avatar a few steps ahead every time it is killed, you would save that walking time after resurrection and start attacking earlier, and in that way attack more times throughout the boss fights, which certainly reward with more coins, credits and reputations.

Evolving gear requires a large number of special items, such as olive branches and wine stones. Those items are dropped by bosses or minions in instances. But you don’t have to remember the mapping and bother to find the exact targets every time you need a material. You can simply click the item in you evolvement page and your avatar will start automatic grinding. You cannot afford to ignore that function.

Guide for Runes in Tynon

Chapter 1, part A: What are runes?

Runes are stones that give your heroes certain buffs. They are obtained in the rune temple, by praying and receiving them from Rune-keepers. The higher the Rune-keeper, the higher the chance of getting better runes. After your prayers, you will have either runes or cursed runes (the red skulls). After you click “Take all”, the runes will be transfered to your rune tab, where they can be used. The cursed runes can just be sold for 2,800 coins.

Now that you have runes, you will notice they may have different names. Each rune has a unique buff, and will affect your heroes differently. I’m sure we will have a full blown guide as to which runes are best for each hero, but as of yet we don’t.

Chapter 1, part B: What the Runes do

Below you will find the basics of rune buffs, and how much buff each level gives.

rune attributes

Now that you have runes, and know what each one does, you can start assigning runes to your heroes. Play around a bit and see which ones give you the best power upgrade per hero. Note that some runes will not affect power, but still provide a buff, mainly Crusader and Partisan, as these boost morale, which allows you to skill attack sooner, but doesn’t directly affect power. Also, morale runes don’t do ANYTHING for Mages because they do not perform skill attacks.

So once you get your basic runes set, you will want to start leveling them. There is some simple math here. Green runes count for 30 points, teal for 60, pink/purple for 120, and gold for 240. Runes can be combined with the same type of rune, or with different kinds of runes.

When you are trying to combine runes and you are unsure of the outcome, please READ CAREFULLY!

To combine runes, whether the same or different, it will always say:
“Rune A will absorb Rune B, and get XXX EXP”
Rune A is the one that will remain after combination

**As for the reason for all the emphasis above, this is the main issue people have with using runes. People get combination happy and wind up losing runes they wanted. If you do lose a rune, do not fret as it can always be replaced. More info in a later chapter on this, but it is OK because, at the end of the day, runes are about the EXP points that can be piled into them.**

A few general guidelines on rune combination”
~ If you combine a lower level and higher level rune, the higher level rune will remain (in order of low to high: green, teal, pink/purple, yellow, gold)
~ If you combine 2 runes of the same level, the one with the most experience usually remains (ex: combine two different teals, the one with higher exp points will remain)

Please note that there are 4 runes that I know aren’t shown here. They are Endurance, Reliability, Vengeance, and the Exp one. The reason why these aren’t included is because the three first ones I could only find one data point for, so couldn’t establish a patter or base, and the Exp rune I have never seen. Anyone with info on these, let me know and I will update!

Chapter 1, part C: Leveling your runes

Now that you have an understanding of runes and have your base runes, its time to start leveling those suckers up! In order to do this, you are going to need A LOT of coins, as auto praying get expensive and points needed gets very large. The table below shows how many EXP points are needed per level.

points needed per level
*red EXP points are estimates based on the trend of the above runes, when confirmed I will change*

Base points are the amount of EXP points per rune, so if you auto pray and get 2 purple/pink, 4 teal, and 14 greens, the total EXP point gained will be => 14*30 + 4*60 + 2*120 = 900. Also note that if you click “Combine All” you will end up with one of the purple/pink runes. It is not entirely clear as to how runes of the same tier combine, so if you run into this dilemma, follow this work around:

So you have auto-prayed and got 2 purple/pinks: Eradicator and Partisan.

The rest of the runes are all greens and teals, and you want to keep the Partisan.

Since you aren’t sure if you will end up with Eradicator OR Partisan, move BOTH of them onto a hero with an open slot(most likely on a hero that you don’t use in your formation)

Then click “Combine All” to combine all the lower tier runes into one. Now you have a teal rune with a bit of EXP points on it.

Now drag the Partisan onto the teal runes with the EXP points on it. Make sure to double check that it reads :

“Partisan will absorb *teal*, and get XXX EXP.”

Now you have a Partisan that is most likely level 2, and can test the Eradicator combining. This time it should read:

“Partisan will absorb Eradicator, gaining 120 EXP.”

Now you know a safer way to combine runes. Whenever you are combining or working with runes that you want to keep, use caution. Once you start getting gold/yellow runes, you don’t have to be as cautious, but I still always double check.