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I cannot believe it: Tynon Opened Another 17 Servers

Last week, we reported Tynon had opened a list of 5 new servers. Today, the team has opened over 15 new servers.

Here are the new server names:

  • 30 – Rains of Chak
  • 31 – Mind of Loki
  • 32 – Scythe of Kronos
  • 29 – Storm of Freyr
  • 28, Peak of Dushara
  • 27, Coil of Leviathan
  • 26 – Eye of Horus
  • 25, Storm of Seth
  • 24, Anger of Menoetius
  • 23, Arrow of Ullr
  • 22, Love of Freya
  • 21, Dawn of Eos
  • 20, Longbow of Artemis
  • 19, Valor of Dragons
  • 18, Wisdom of Odysseus
  • 17, Heart of Dragons
  • 16, Law of Themis

Five New Servers Up: Are you going to start a new world?

I personally love playing Tynon in Old servers because there are only friends there. But if your character cannot rank higher in the old servers, what would you do? Switch to a new server?

The Tynon team has just launched five new servers, according to the official announcement, to make room for the growing number of players. While we believe this is a marketing strategy that attract old paid players to the new servers on the one hand, and bring in some new players on the other.

What do you think of Tynon’s keeping opening new servers?

  • Server 15, Heights of Olympus
  • Server 14, Torch of Prometheus
  • Server 13, Breath of the Hydra
  • Server 12, Fist of the Kraken
  • Server 11, Fall of the Persephone

Bug fixes and Balance Tweaks

The Tynon team has just updated all servers with bug fixes and game balance improvements.

At the moment, you are able to recruit 30 players for your level 1 Guild, 40 for level 2 guilds, and 50 for level 3 guild. This rule has been changed since yesterday, so if your guild has already reached the maximum of members in the past, you will not be able to have more players in.

The official said this is to encourage players to create more guilds and better engage in the future guild wars.

Another big change is that you can now attack someone else in the wild just by clicking on them.

You visit the official website to learn more about the bug fixes and in-game gadget improvements

Tynon Review

Tynon is a hybrid browser-based game that allows players to engage in dungeon crawling, daily events, and PvP battle against various zombie bosses and minions.

The game somewhat resembles Wartune. Players start the game in an instance, pick up a weapon left on the ground, rescue or chat with survivors they meet and go kill all the enemies in the instance to get out. Players will enter an instance by consuming stamina and they can pray for runes, which can be placed in rune slots to enhance players’ attributes, including hit rate and magical defense.

The game differs from Wartune in some respects. Players don’t get to unlock different units as they level up. Instead, they hire them from the Tavern, which works similarly like strategy games: The Settlers Online and Total Domination. Every time players open the tavern, a few random heroes are displayed as cards, and two hours later new cards will be listed. Players can shuffle the cards and flip a card, and then they can hire the hero and include him or her in their formation.

Similar to Tales of Solaris, Tynon lets players defeat monsters and enemies to claim coins and credits, which are used to upgrade weapons and technology respectively. Both the protagonist and the supporting heroes need purchasable gear and upgrade them to increase their power.

Combat in Tynon is turn-based and automatic. And the key to be victorious remains to have an edge in power. Upgrading gear is the only way to increase one’s power besides adding more heroes in the formation (that is of course limited by players’ levels and their technology status).

An automatic navigating system works in both instances and the outside world, leaving few things for players to do except for upgrading technology and weapons.

Players challenge others in the arena or in the wild. They can select different stuff in the arena and they defend it against challengers for a set length of time. Once they manage to keep the stuff until the time is up, they would be rewarded with extra EXP, coins, and other items. By defeating enemies in the wild, players can obtain credits, coins and reputation.

Additional contents include the Caribbean Pirates and Cretan Labyrinth. In Cretan Labyrinth, players battle monsters and collect treasures. While in Caribbean Pirates, players collect treasure maps, seize a ship and set sail for treasure hunting with their guild partners.

If there is anything special in the game, it would be the improved artwork. The game offers much better animations than the two former titles in both definition and colors. The varying settings are presented in much more details and rich colors, making this game a visual delight.

There are also disappointments. The upgrades of technology and gear not only drain your pockets, they also require cooldown. Players have to wait and upgrade repeatedly to craft a new weapon or cloak to the maximum level. Also, some dialog boxes are not displayed completely and cannot be closed unless players reload the web page.

Tynon offers rich elements, including multiple ways of adventure and PVP and PVE. But it borrows too much content from Wartune and Tales of Solaris and fails to separate itself apart. It can only be a good choice for those who’ve never played the two former titles.

List of All Live Servers

Which server are you in? Here are ten live Tynon servers

  • Server 10, Scales of Ice Dragon
  • Server 9, Light of Ra
  • Server 8 – Wings of Hermes
  • Server 7 – Bow of Athena
  • Server 6, Might of Helios
  • Server 5, Trident of Poseidon
  • Server 4, Thunder of Zeus
  • Server 3, Hammer of Thor
  • Server 2, Blaze of Fire Dragon
  • Server 1, Wrath of Odin

Official Website:

Tynon Vs Tynon 2

In case you did not know Tynon, It is a browser-based game from the creator of Evony. The closed beta of Tynon was first released in 2012 under the platform Since then, the game has not been updated until a new version of Tynon was live on June 15, 2013.

Tynon, and the new version, we called Tynon 2 here are completely different in terms of gameplay, graphics and storyline. Personally, I’d love playing Tynon because of its graphics, music and casual gameplay. We captured two gameplay videos for Tynon and Tynon 2.

Tynon 2 Gameplay Video:

Tynon Gameplay Video:

New Version Tynon Review from MMOGoer

The New Version Tynon just launched. Here is a review from MMOGoer:

For a browser based flash game, Tynon has definitely accomplished an impressive amount. For those who enjoy gameplay in the long term, you will find it a most rewarding way to pass the time. Taking into account the free-to-play price, and the sheer quantity of players online, you should definitely give this one a go.

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New Version Tynon Launches

Hi, You may notice that there are tons of ads advertising a new game called Tynon. Well, this is a browser game previously soft launched and later pulled from the Internet.

Now the game comes back with an entirely new design and gameplay.


Here is the official website: